Re: xwindows failure

From: winsor (
Date: Sat Nov 27 1999 - 01:57:03 CET

I'd say try /dev/psaux for your mouse port
and use the PS/2 protocol.
I've seen screens that look such as that before using several "nonamer"
video cards, I can't say whether yours will work or bet would
be to either read the docs on the computer's video card or open the
case(voiding the warranty:( ) and look at and write down the name and
numbers on the video cards chip......then check at the linux
documentation project as to the compatability of the chip......some
cards require extra parameters to work under X (thinking of a "packard
Bell" with a built-in cirrus logic 5436):^P

Good Luck

chris wakefield wrote:
> Hi guys! Greetings from Canada!
> I'm a newbie with a compaq 333mhz, 64 meg ram, with a PS/2 bus
> mouse(2button).
> I installed mulinux on two floppies / & X11.
> With <startx> command all I get is a blank blue screen with a movable
> vertical line for a mouse pointer.
> With <reboot> command at that blank screen, mulinux will reboot.
> I have reinstalled so many times on the floppies, I can't remember which
> mouse setting I used, but I think it was PS/2 (aux style).
> I am not a programmer, but am excited about using mulinux as a starting
> point.
> Any suggestions, Thanks,
> Chris in Victoria, B.C., Canada.
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