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From: Rino Perri (
Date: Sat Nov 27 1999 - 14:19:45 CET

Feedback is certainly a most precious thing, but in this case no
feedback whatsoever was given by Bruce to the muLinux list for
improvement. Rather, it was posted in a UK newsgroup.
It was only by mere chance that it came to Michele's attention.
I think, along Karl-Heinz's lines, that it would have been nicer if
Bruce, as a satisfied muLinux user, had granted this list first
the courtesy of his contribution.
That, for sure, could have been perceived as feedback, in the
form of constructive criticism, in the true sense of this word.

Rino Perri

On 26 Nov 99, at 14:41, Kochenburger Andreas wrote:
> Please calm down. Even if Bruce was brute (that one rhymes ;-) )
> it does not make oneself a fool to accept that even fools can
> say true things now and then. And a feedback is a feedback,
> that's all, no matter if it is wrapped beautifully or tastelessly.
> (Perhaps Bruce's girlfriend just ran away when he made his posting;
> but that does not make Bruce necessarily a bad guy and his feedback
> without value).
> Andreas

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