Re: AW: [ Small Linux (was Re: Linux on 286)]

Date: Mon Nov 29 1999 - 21:01:44 CET

On Mon, Nov 29, 1999 at 09:15:21PM +0000, Michele Andreoli wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 29, 1999 at 09:34:45AM -0600, nicely wrote:
> >
> > "This rocks!"
> Jeremy, what does means "this rocks"?

It's similar in meaning to "this is cool!" "fuckin' ay!" and
hrm....lessee "wow!"

It's good, trust me :)

It's derived from rock-n-roll music, where a particularly
good piece is said to rock. Or, if you're a script kiddie,
it's said to "rawk verily" (re-spelling things in a phonetic
manner seems to be big with them, and verily...well, I don't
know where Script Kiddies got hold of a middle-english dictionary, looks like they did. Anyway, to the best of my knowledge,
verily == truly).


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