Date: Thu Dec 02 1999 - 13:42:50 CET

hi ! i run mulinux in 486 dx 16 ram and ~120 Mb HD svga 512 and 14
standar monitor. The ethernet card work well ( i can make telnet, ftp,
irc..... ), use linux in a clone sistem. with 16 Mb of swap .
i think run pygmy and make httpd directorie in home all work well but
when i try connect with the server in other machine it's says
connection refused by host ( i can make ping and don't loss nothing).
if i make lynx in mulinux machine itīs work well.
i think i read all information about pygmy and understand well (and
make all of course) but if any body think i don't understand anythig or
i make same thing bad. please say me :) ( it's posible make a mini mini
mini howto-pygmy for me ??? )
why work pygmy only in in pcisa31? in other case why i canīt connect
with server ?
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