[mu setup]TCL Addon problems

From: Daniel Brooks (brooksd@milwaukee.tec.wi.us)
Date: Sun Dec 05 1999 - 16:31:04 CET

At 12/2/99 8:20:00 PM, you wrote:
>Alas, Tcl would not install, seemingly
>due to a corrupt tgz file.

I've been getting this too. I have downloaded the file four
times and always the same thing. I have to download using
Windows/netscape because I have not even begun to try to setup
my internet connection in muLinux, could this have something
to do with the problem? I have tried Shift/clicking and Right
clicking/Save link as, to download and I have tried installing
the addon using muLinux as well as the instructions on the TCL-
to-go site and I always get the same results. I always get the
following message:

bzip2:Caught a SIGSEGV or SIGBUS whilst decompressing,
       which probably indicates that the compressed data
       is corrupted.
       Input file = (stdin), output file = (stdout)

It is possible that the compressed file(s) have become corrupted.

I have been looking forward to this addon and getting this message
everytime is frustrating. Am I doing something wrong? I hope I
have provided enough clues to solve this.

Daniel Brooks

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