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From: Göran Wallén (goran.wallen@mbox301.swipnet.se)
Date: Tue Dec 07 1999 - 00:23:05 CET


2 dec 99 Hartmut Surmann asked for emacs for muLinux. I have used "jed"
an editor which could emulate emacs, wordstar, be used for C - there
is a library of files for this.

jed.tgz could be found in the old Slackware for lib 5 (I think it is
Slackware 4 and in slakware/ap1. It is selfinstalling if unpacked from /
You must also have libm.so.5 (and perhaps some more). A lot of Slackware
programs could be used i muLinux

I am not excusing my english - we - the pidgeon-englishers - are applying
the principle of pragmatism: If the message could be read it is OK. In the
Internet world we will soon establish the standard.

Yours Göran Wallén

Göran Wallén

Voxlöv 5086
S-434 95 Kungsbacka

tel 0300-12638

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