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From: Dave Houghton (
Date: Tue Dec 07 1999 - 04:17:04 CET

"Hartmut Surmann(02241/14-2518)" wrote:

> Hi,
> exists a tex/latex and emacs distribution for mulinux?

I started a latex/LyX distribution for muLinux about 6 months ago. The
problem I had (apart from lack of interest from the mailing list!!) was
the fact that it is such a huge program. I had to make the decision as
to what styles templates, what printer types to support etc in order to
cut the size down. I know you can configure these yourself but the
configuration routines in tex/latex need a bash shell to run and will not
run on ash. So we will have to accept a pre-configured setup. Using a
small handfull of style templates, a default postscript printer and a
couple of stripped down binary and library files, I managed to get the
size down to 12Mb (bzipped size) still way too large.

I'm now trying something else so I'll throw it to the list again.
What document styles,fonts,printer support do you need/want ? ...
assuming you wan't TeX at all !!

muLinux U.K. mirror

> Regards
> Hartmut
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