TCL add-on, release 12-07-99

From: Tom Poindexter (
Date: Wed Dec 08 1999 - 06:16:34 CET

From the change log:

Dec. 7, 1999
        updated august to 0.50
        added additional mime types for neowebscript-sa (.tgz, .bz2)
        added tclticker, a stock ticker application
        added doc/Tcl-Programming.HOWTO at request of Michele
        moved this readme to ./doc

I ended up writing a small stock ticker application for this release,
TclTicker, as I couldn't find a good one available. Uses plug-in
quote service modules, so you can write your own. Includes a euro
oriented quote service.

I've also made the TCL.tgz file available as a uuencoded file, and as a .zip
file. Folks should be able to download at least one of these formats.

Michele (and others), feel free to start mirroring TCL.tgz at your own

It's available off my home page, below.


Tom Poindexter
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