Re: mu TECH

From: Arno Wilhelm (
Date: Tue Dec 07 1999 - 13:17:24 CET

>I started a latex/LyX distribution for muLinux about 6 months ago. The
>problem I had (apart from lack of interest from the mailing list!!) was
>the fact that it is such a huge program. I had to make the decision as
>to what styles templates, what printer types to support etc in order to
>cut the size down. I know you can configure these yourself but the
>configuration routines in tex/latex need a bash shell to run and will not
>run on ash. So we will have to accept a pre-configured setup. Using a
>small handfull of style templates, a default postscript printer and a
>couple of stripped down binary and library files, I managed to get the
>size down to 12Mb (bzipped size) still way too large.

Why dont you use the new Cdrom burning feature of mulinux?
I have got an Epson Stylus Photo.


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