[mu setuo findp] Problems with networking and X11 - HELP PLEASE!

From: David LeBlanc (dleblanc@uswest.net)
Date: Wed Dec 08 1999 - 23:15:57 CET


I have deleted c:\linux and done a clean install of 7r4b again to c:\linux

Trying to setup the network (abreviated)
"setup -f network"
pcmcia (1) yes
(interface) eth0
(DHCP) yes
Intel PCIC probe detects Ricoh RL5C475 PCI-to-Cardbus at bus 0 slot 3, 1
cardmgr finds "Linksys Ethernet" on socket 0.
cardmgr [1003] executing"insmod /lib/modules/2.0.36/pcmcia/pcnet_cs.o"
cardmgr[1003] ethdev_init undefined
cardmgr[1003] NS58390_init undefined
cardmgr[1003] ei_interrupt undefined
cardmgr[1003] ei_open undefined
cardmgr[1003] ei_debug undefined
cardmgr[1003] Loading failed! The module symbols (from linux-2.0.36) don't
match your linux-2.0.36.
cardmgr[1003] insmod exited with status 2

After this, of course, modprobe and DHCP client both failed.

With X11, it did auto-configure under 7r3b, but it will not under 7r4b. It
returns that it cannot find a mode for 640x480 and so the server does not
start. Any ideas of what is wrong?

Dave LeBlanc

P.S. HOW do you do get ">&" (stderror) redirection with this shell?? I have
been unable to get it to work.

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