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From: Dave Houghton (
Date: Thu Dec 09 1999 - 02:55:13 CET

On 08 Dec 1999, wrote:

> wrote:
>> A while back I attempted to get a rather old version of netscape running under mulinux
>> without much success, maybe this weekend I'll look at it again.
> I am not sure that running netscape within mulinux is compatible with
>the aim and spirit of this fine version of linux. Red Hat and SuSE are
>far more capable if bloatware is what you are looking for.
> I certainly cannot agree with another contributor to this mailing list
>who said :
>"The browsers that come with it are very disfunctional and the graphics
>are apalling".
>Still he admits his naivety so I guess he can be forgiven.
>Lynx is a fine browser and has much to commend it, for a stripling Quark
>is amazing,
>and if you really must have graphics Chimeras rendering of GIF images is
>only spoilt by the limitations of the VGA Xserver; it also tolerates the
>Pygmy netservers ideosyncrasies much better than Netscape.

Well said, totally agree

> If your mind is made up and you really must run Netscape then try the
>version that comes packaged as:
>> I'm thinking that a static compilation might just help, although as I remember there
>> was some problem loading the color palette as it wanted 256 colors.
>> Netscape'll most probably want a few extra library files too.
>It works straight out of the box without any extra libraries, although
>it does complain about missing fonts this doesn't prevent it running.
>However it does not like 16 colours and exits with "bus error" as its
>dying words. When given 256 colours to choose from it complains that it
>can only allocate 6 colors and does some amazing dithering when
>rendering jpegs. For Netscape, happiness is 64k colours. It also needs a
>lot of disc space. I would like someone to prove me wrong but running it
>from a ram disk appears impossible therefore if anybody else is thinking
>of giving Netscape a try I suggest that cloning Mu to the hard disk
>should be the first action.

O.k I admit Netscape is lurking on my muLinux system, but you DO need to add and ( at least with Netscape 4.5), it moans like mad about missing fonts(replacing them with some pretty ugly Netscape ones) and yess those bus errors are a real pain(not just with the colour pallete but also just trying to create mail folders with messenger).
These bus error, by the way are due to incompatibilities with muLinux in general as I don't get them under my 'other' distro which uses a standard muLinux X11 addon to provide the X windows environment.

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