Re: Query : If i don't have 1.7 MB floppy

From: Claudio Neves (
Date: Thu Dec 09 1999 - 04:15:12 CET


Standard 1.44MB floppies can be formated to 1.7MB, using standard floppy
You can do this even with DOS, with fdformat or 2m .
But don't worry about that: muLinux install process is totally automatic,
it formats
and verify the floppy for you. Just give it a try! :)

Claudio Neves

At 04:03 09/12/99 +0530, you wrote:
> I want to install mulinux-v6, with X11.I have only 1.44MB floppy
>drive with me.Can you please tell me how to install mulinux into a
>Thanks in advance.
> with regards,
> K S R Chandra Murthy,
> G2,Students Hostel,
> IISc,Bangalore.
> Ph- 080-3092451 (Room)
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