Re: [mu OT] Re: Modem not responding in Mulinux v6r4.

Date: Tue Dec 14 1999 - 18:17:43 CET

On Tue, Dec 14, 1999 at 06:04:45PM +0100, Kochenburger Andreas wrote:
> PS. Take care and make good use of your widow :-)
> ("widow-makers" are heavy colt revolvers in western movies)

I once owned a motorcycle that was called (though I didn't
know it at the time) 'widowmaker'--because of the people
it had crippled. Of the four owners (including myself),
the injury list went like this, at 1 owner per year:

original owner: broken back
2nd owner: broke left arm, broke left femur.
3rd owner: broke both legs and one arm
4th owner (me): no broken bones, but lost 20% of skin to
road rash.

Hell of machine, that...


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