Re: startup problems

From: Karl-Heinz Zimmer (
Date: Wed Dec 15 1999 - 14:10:55 CET

Hi Stephen,

on 15.12.99, 13:36:08, you wrote:

> One possibility is just that the floppy itself is bad,
> but I don't think so because a) I have tried with several
> different floppies and b) all of these floppies run
> muLinux with no problem on a different (64Mb Celeron)
> machine.

I am *not* sure about my theory but let me explain it:

   It might well be that the drive must be 'adjusted' again!

Some floppy drives loose their correct justification during
the years and this would mean they can read only those floppies
they have formatted themselves and they would produce random
(but from year to year more frequent) errors when processing
disks that have been formatted by another floppy drive.

Most Hardware Businesses will tell you that there's no way to
change it but this is not absolutely true: there is a software
for justifying floppy drives but most people (like myself)
don't own it since it costs money and a new drive is cheaper.

Perhaps somebody in your town has that software and will be
able to help you...


  Karl-Heinz (posting privately)

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