Re: startup problems

Date: Wed Dec 15 1999 - 18:29:42 CET

On Wed, Dec 15, 1999 at 04:52:16PM +0000, Stephen Isard wrote:
> Yes, but why do the kernel and root load ok, and all of tomsrtbt? They
> are all 1.7Mb operations.

Okay, you've got me there. unless the other floppies require some large
leap across the surface of the floppy that the kernel and root (and tomsrtbt)
do not require. But I'm just guessing, there.

> > I'll also suggest my voodoo solution of reseating the floppy drive
> > cable. Once upon a time, it fixed a problem for me. *shrug*
> I've actually done that one already :-)

damn. Okay, I'll shut up now ;)


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