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From: Dave Houghton (
Date: Sun Dec 19 1999 - 15:32:55 CET

On 18 Dec 1999, Clive Wright <> wrote:

>Dave Houghton wrote:
>> Clive check that one should be BASE 0x0330, but if your file definately says 0x310 then leave it at that.
>Dont know which is correct (BASE 0x0330 or 0x0310) or whether it matters
>as I believe this address refers to external midi port which I dont use
>and is not configured in the sound module anyway (from /dev/sndstat:

You're probably right about the midi port as its a long time since I did any hardware programming with a SB card.

>> I assume you haven't left out the "(SIZE xx) from your BASE lines in your working version. Have you configured the logical device ESS001 (mixer control port) as well? You haven't shown it but if you don't configure this then the mixer will not be activated and the volume etc will act in the fractured way you describe.
>Didn't realise ESS001 referred to the mixer; thought it was the joystick
>port so deleted it as not required. Have now reinstated it but it
>doesn't seem to make any difference.
>The original version of isapnp would not accept (VERBOSITY 2) or (SIZE
>xx) statements which is why they went the same way as ESS001.
>Mu's original isapnp was quiet, this one complains:
>"/proc/bus/pci/devices not found, so PCI resource conflict not checked"
>What PCI has got to do with ISApnp I am not sure.

Off the top of my head, and as I said it's been a long time, Ess used some part of the Joystick control port to provide a fix for the mixer on some of their earlier versions of the ESS???? chipset. It probably won't make a blind bit of difference for later versions but as it does no harm I have always left it in to cover all eventualities.
The isapnp I supplied is a later enhanced version which is capable of testing for PCI card resource conflict. However the /proc filesystem for kernel 2.x.x which this is writen for is not the same as the 2.0.36 kernel of muLinux, hence the warning. Ignore it for now as it does no harm. I'm at the moment writing a fake /proc/bus/pci filesystem and when complete we can use isapnp to automatically check for existing pci card resources and then generate automatically a configuration script without haveing to manualy edit /etc/isapnp/extensa.conf
This should then give us true plug and pray rather than plug edit manually and then definately pray <G>

>> At the moment I am repeating the same track over and over and have no problems with random repeat positions so I am at a loss to suggest anything to you for this. I've just killed the track after 30 uneventfull repeats 'cause fine though Bach played by the Orchestra da Camera di Roma is (well muLinux is Italian after all) it's becoming a bit monotonous.
> Yes good point; I had not considered that it might be the CD itself
>causing the resets.
>Good bye Bette Midler: let's see if Joseph Haydn with his Adagio
>cantabile from Symphony #94 fairs any better.....
>Fraid not it didn't even get past the one minute marker.

Ah yes but it depends on what Bette Midler track you are using... some will just give total melt-down of your CD ^:)))
Try Pavarotti but only if you've got a lot of space <GG>
I have never had any problems whatever the cd but then Liverpool is the music capital of the world !! (that should start some flame wars)

>> Here's my extensa.conf ( minus 4 modems tape drive and ethernet card) and output from cat /dev/sndconf
>I tried your extensa.conf in its entirety; except for having to "setup
>-f sound" to load the other sound module (sound-5 instead of sound-7)
>playcd played (up) exactly as before.
>My problems only appear in connection with playcd I can adjust the CD
>volume with "mixer" but it requires opening another xterm in X or
>switching to another virtual console if I am only using the base floppy.
>I will email you my patched version of playcd (gzipped its <3k) it
>doesn't solve my reset problem but the volume control works - at least
>on my box.
>I would be interested to know if the volume control functions any
>differently between the original and playcd2 on your box. It is slightly
>larger than the original (8 bytes) as a file descriptor for /dev/mixer
>had to be added. Please do not post it as in its present form it will
>infringe the authors copyright. Incidentally I have tried to report
>these problems to William Roadcap at the displayed address but my Email
>was returned as undeliverable.

I'll try it when I figure out how to take base64 encoded files back to executables under muLinux !!
I've also tried William Roadcap before but searching all the internet mail directorioes I can think of he seems to have disapeared of the face of the earth.

>Thanks for all your help, believe me I am grateful and I will quite
>understand if pressure
>of work or paranoia (yes I would think twice about running an executable
>of unknown parentage especially as root user) prevents you taking this
>investigation any further.

Paranoia... I speak English and think in Italian. If I could speak Italian I'd know what the hell I was thinking of

No work at the moment, I'm still recovering after being splattered on my motorbike :^(
Actually I feel a bit uneeded at the moment as my business is running smoothly without "the Boss" and my third year Uni. students seem to be doing just fine as well. Oh well, Early retirement at 36 ?? Nahh

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