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From: Dave Houghton (
Date: Mon Dec 20 1999 - 04:59:08 CET

On 20 Dec 1999, Clive Wright <> wrote:

>winsor wrote:
>> kernel source is kernel source.......2.0.36 is generic linux kernel code
>> you can get it from links at
>> Robert Heezeman wrote:
>> >
>> > > Where is the source code ??? 2.0.36 for MULINUX kernel
>> > >
>> > > I need to build a new kernel, how do I do this for Mulinux
>> > >
>Just two things to add:
>1. The mulinux readme file says that a small patch is required to the
>source to build a mulinux kernel which could be made the subject of an
>2. The (.config) file used for building the mulinux kernel would aid in
>getting the correct components integrated or built as modules.
>I think this calls for guidance from the maestro himself:
>Michele its over to you.

or me!
Robert I've got a muLinux kernel with m-systems disk on chip support built in if you want it. I can upload it to my web site together with /dev/fla files.
You can't compile a new kernel under muLinux because to save space not all of the include files are there and we also don't have mknod to create special /dev files. I do embeded stuff as part of my job so I'd take the offer as I normally charge large consultation and development fees <v big G>.

If all else fails RTFM

Dave g0mxw
muLinux U.K. mirror

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