TCL addon - New release

From: Tom Poindexter (
Date: Tue Dec 21 1999 - 04:21:29 CET

I've made some changes to the TCL addon. Get the new version at my
web page, see my .sig below. This hopefully fixes some problems with
vmail3 not dealing with MIME attachments; small fix to let cdrtoaster
work; updated tkftp & tclticker; added the mailquote program from tclticker.

Here's the change log:

Dec. 20, 1999
        fix vmail3 to use proper mmencode arguments
        fix mmencode to accept "infile outfile" on command line,
            more input checking for mmencode -u & uudecode
        fix cdrtoaster, ignore checking that device is readable, per michele
        upgrade tkftp to version 1.1.0
        upgrade tclticker to version 1.1
        added tclticker-1.1 program 'mailquote'
        added ezsmtp library for use by mailquote

Tom Poindexter
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