linux.html is a waste of space

From: Clive Wright (
Date: Mon Dec 27 1999 - 22:26:53 CET

        How's that for a Headline??
I did not really want to be a journalist anyway.
Seriously though "/home/httpd/linux.html (2258 bytes)" is taking up far
too much space on the base floppy; space that could be used for better
things (rewritten setup/fun tree perhaps, for all those who feel
strongly about fractured english). Especially as in mu5r7 it was only
1379 bytes.
        So arm yourself with "vi" and "cd" over to /home/httpd/ or even better
/tmp/tree/home/httpd for those who have unpacked the base files in the
/tmp folder then:

vi linux.html

        And there you have it a new leaner linux.html (minus all the duplicated
links) weighing in at 1575 bytes. If only slimming was that easy.

        Oh and just in case all you stable version (6r4) users think that this
does not apply to you. I suggest you take a look. {:^(


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