mu [OT] y2k compliance testing

From: Dave Houghton (
Date: Tue Dec 28 1999 - 13:25:10 CET

Over the past year the problem of the Millenium Bug and Y2K compliance
has been very much in evidence. With tales of mass destruction and
total anarchy on the horizon I decided to investigate the best method of
tackling this problem for muLinux. I have tried various methods, but
can definately recommend the following method.

I discovered, quite by chance, that creating special device
/dev/alchohol and symlinking to /dev/brain, in a short space of time
removes all worries about these problems. Over the past 12 months I
have done extensive research in the local hostelries in this area
(purely in the interests of science you understand) and have found
that this method is 100% successfull.

This method can be universally applied to all methods of bug removal,
in fact it was very successfull in removing the dreaded
"mother-in-law at Christmas" bug in the past week.

However, be warned, there can be some supprising after effects of
this method. After an extensive testing session the night before, I
discovered that when trying to mount /dev/wife that I got an
unexpected end of file due to possible corruption and I was unable to
boot up. The problem appears to be that /dev/wife is now hardlinked
to /dev/zero and all console commands are ignored. As yet I have been
unable to solve this problem.

Suggestions please to:-
Mr. Arfer B.Rain
Happy House for the Perpetually Fractured
Email:- drink@root_of_all_evil

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