mu[setup] ethernet card and ppp

From: Renato (
Date: Wed Dec 29 1999 - 22:16:13 CET


Thank you very much for the kind inclusion of rtl8139 card network setup option. In your changes file you
said this was made in 7r5b but I only saw this change in 7r6,
Maybe you thought you would get rid of me, don't you?
I'm sorry, I'm in a deep love relation with muLinux and I won't let you go so easy ;-)
Unfortunately I only will be back to work (where rtl is) in one or two weeks. I will report latter.

About ppp installation, revision 7r6 is working wonderfully. ppp-on, ppp-off, quark, lynx, rna, pop3 and smtp
configuration are fine. I had only some problems with my strange login "renato ppp".

Congratulations for the well stabilized fracture, Doctor.


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