[OT] my OS/2 experience

From: Renato (renato@ax.apc.org)
Date: Sat Jan 01 2000 - 17:10:38 CET

On Thu, 30 Dec 1999 15:40:19 +0000, Michele Andreoli wrote:

>On Wed, Dec 29, 1999 at 05:16:13PM -0400, Renato nicely wrote:
>> Congratulations for the well stabilized fracture, Doctor.
>Hello Renato: do you use OS/2 Warp 4? How to compare
>with Win9$ ?

I use OS/2 as my main OS since 1997. For me, the main difference between W$ and OS/2 is that this one is
really multitasking. You can chkdsk a HD while format or copy a floppy and write mail at the same time. There
is no task halt when you access a floppy. The multitasking is very well supervised.

OS/2 fans use to say that it never hangs or crashes. It's not true. The majority of the programs we have
available to use are home made. So there are many buggy programs, not sufficiently tested that crash often.
OS/2 usually is capable of close these programs and keep the others running . But in about 50% of the cases
we must use a good kill program called WatchCat (german made, you see, K-H Z? ;-) that can kill about 90%
of that 50%. That makes about 5% of the freezings need a Ctr-Alt-Del.

It is better than W98, for sure. In my office I have to boot several times a day a new W98 second edition.

Booting is more time consuming than in W98, because hardware checking is deeper. We have also lack of
drivers for new hardware but nothing worse then in Linux. For instance, I have an OS/2 beta driver for my
C-Media onboard sound chip since 1998. They didn't make a definitive driver and I guess they would not.

There are some interesting features like: you can change a program from a place to another and all the
shadows (a kind of desktop shortcuts) will reflect this change automatically.
There is a builtin Java in OS/2 with development kit and so on.
>From individual initiative, we have also a emx 0.9d envionment (german made , k-h z!) that makes possible to
port several unix programs to native OS/2, using GNU gcc. I have a wget compiled for OS/2, for instance.
There is a port of X widow being developed too.

Unfortunately Bill Gates and IBM don't have plans to let OS/2 alive. Then as a jurassic good fossil system,
there are few people still struggling to maintain this system alive in the world.
For instance, we are less than 20 users of my 6 million inhabitants city in the os2 national mail list. There are
states in my country with 2 users only that use to mail the list.

That's why I'm trying to upgrade to Linux. I will never be converted to W$$$. I swear!!!

muLinos/2 salutations,


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