[mu WIN98] Win98 Installation

From: Michele Andreoli (m.andreoli@tin.it)
Date: Sat Jan 15 2000 - 16:27:29 CET

Hello friends,

can somebody help me?
        1) a new hard-disk IDE as primary, with no OS on it.
        2) a Win98 floppy rescue, which recognize my CDROM
        3) a CDROM for my notebook, with a directory win98/
           and a setup.exe command in it.

It's a metropolitan tale Microsoft products are easy to install, but
I think this is true only if product is pre-installed on the hard-disk :-)

I boot with floppy rescue, go on the cdrom and issue "setup.exe".
I did many attempt yet. I also created one or two empty DOS partition in
this hard-disk. Windows Setup start, I see the blue screen, but system
hang without messages. No disk activity at all.

I also tried copying a whole win98 partitions from laptop to my pentium,
using Linux and ethernet card. Apparently, all is OK. This first
partition is mountable, but it do not boot. I thing the ACER use some
special MBR which use propretary BIOS call.

My query: can I change only the master boot record of this copied
byte-to-byte win98 installation? I saw that, because this is a normal
thing in Linux: to change only the boot sector.
yes, I tried with sys c: from the win98 floppy-rescue: it don't works.

Further: I'm in pain for my Linux hard-disks! I've no way to control
what setup.exe is doing and, the nice .exe, might also format -en passant-
my Linux installation on the second HD, for matter of only
crudelity :-((

I'd like to conclude with a positive statement, but I can't 
remember any. Would two negative ones do?       -- Woody Allen
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