MU: Many problems

From: Vieira Netto (
Date: Mon Jan 17 2000 - 04:47:16 CET

Hi People!

Im running MuLinux v7r4b in a 486 box 8mb ram which is my firewall.

First of all, Im trying to setup crontab to terminate ppp on a desired
time. First Ive created a new entry on crontab like this:
35 22 * * * root cat /etc/beep

Well beep file has only a control-g (bell) and when I issue a cat
command for this file it sounds a beep.

but in crontab, no way, it makes nothing.

I had to use bell cause wave -c is returning a segmentation fault.

Now I turned on my green grass CGA Monitor (with me since my first XT)
and found this message in console:

"release: date kernel stack corruption. Aiee"

Y2K bug on my MuLinux Box??? Im looking for a Insect Killer???

date command is ok. Sun Jan 16 23:52:05 20

What can I Do???

Ciao from Brazil,

Linux User #100.600

Microsoft??? Marca nova de papel Higinico???

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