Re: muLinux question.

From: Karl-Heinz Zimmer (
Date: Tue Jan 18 2000 - 08:51:22 CET

On 17.01.00, 22:20:00, Christian Beer wrote:

> I am very new to muLinux. I used to use RedHat before wich
> contained every Application that I needed. So does muLinux,
> but I am wondering about what to do, to be able to use GCC
> on muLinux not only to do "Hello World" kind of things.

It might be that there was kind os a misunderstanding: the
very purpose of the GCC provided to you on that muLinux Add-On
disk is just this: writing "Hello World" programs and learning
to code in C...

Really, it is *not* designed for compiling real-world
applications and so you have no chance to do it, sorry. :-(

[german internal]
Ich hatte versucht, dies in meinem Artikelchen im Linux Magazin
deutlich zu machen, aber es kann sein, dass ich mich zu unklar
ausgedrueckt habe.

> I am NOT THAT deep into Linux as I am willing to get
> this knowledge through muLinux.

> Thanks in advance for your replies

Sorry, I couldn't help you but at least you can now stop
searching for a way how to do it.



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