Re: [PATCH] 'mu' problem with e2fsprogs >= 1.15

From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Tue Jan 18 2000 - 10:57:37 CET

On Tue, Jan 18, 2000 at 09:39:08AM +0100, François Désarménien nicely wrote:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> As it seems Michele is unreachable through various email address
> I found (even the one from the mulinux home page !), as I hope he's
> on mulinux mailing list, so I finally post here...
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------

No? Do you used address? Mah!

> Hello,
> First, thank you for giving us mulinux: it's great !

Thanks you for encouragement and sorry for scattered english.

> I'm hacking it to make our own floppy rescue disk as
> I find it much more clearer than Tom's rtbt to understand.

Tom did a very good work with rtbt, but his goals is a good
interactive shell, no setup.

> What I want to make is a one floppy a customer can boot, then
> forget, that'll enable me to connect via modem remotly and find
> all tools I need for recovery from tape on SCSI servers...

I can't understand well. Do you wish a system that boot and start
a PPP connection automagically? If yes, put in rc.local a "ppp-on",
or in /etc/crontab.

> Here is a very simple patch (which should work with older versions
> of e2fsprogs) against 6r4 which adds the '-r0' flag to mkfs.ext2 to
> force revision level 0. Only the 'mu' script is affected.
> Ciao,
> François Désarménien
> PS: you should change your email address in the various docs, as
> it seems that '' is no longer first
> mail has been rejected.
> PPS: neither is ''

try whith "m." stands for "michele", my name, not
micro here.

> --- mu.orig Sun Jan 16 16:12:37 2000
> +++ mu Sun Jan 16 16:13:39 2000

Ok, I see only change is to add the "-r0" switch. No problem. But
I can't understand why it is useful: they are internal ramdisks.
If you work on backup, you deal with hard-disk.


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