muLinux and Aironet PCMCIA NIC

From: Kevin Lepak (
Date: Wed Jan 19 2000 - 00:09:25 CET


Sorry if this has been covered previously in this mailing list, I'm new to
Linux and muLinux and am very frustrated and cannot find any more
information in the muLinux docs or HOWTOs for Linux.

I have managed to install an Aironet 4500 wireless PCMCIA NIC into muLinux
on a Jumptec DIMM-PC486 system (used to run the Stanford website, their so-called Matchbox web server).
This involves compiling my own 2.0.36 kernel and also building the Aironet
drivers. I have the aironet card services drivers installed into the
muLinux distribution, have changed /usr/local/pcmcia/config so that the
Aironet card is recognized (I get the two "high" beeps from PCMCIA 3.0.9
services indicating the card is installed).

However, when the command "./network start eth0" issues during muLinux
load when answering yes to the question about installing networking (after
starting cardmgr, etc.) I receive the following message:
SIOCADDRT: Invalid arg.

muLinux finishes booting. At that point if I try to ping the network (my
gateway/etc. are set correctly, but I cannot even ping the address of the
machine I'm trying to setup) it doesn't not work. It says:
"ping: sendto: Network is unreachable"

I've tried various combintations of unloading/reloading pcmcia (via the
pcmcia stop and pcmcia start commands) and ifconfig up/down and netconfig
but nothing seems to help. Again, I'm somewhat of Linux novice, but have
managed to do the above. ifconfig reports that eth0 is assigned
appropriate addresses/etc for our network.

I am also fairly sure it's not a TCP/IP specific problem, as I am able to
ping the loopback address successfully ( on the machine. I have
a feeling I may not have something set correctly to enable mapping of the
Aironet NIC to the eth0 designation, but as I said, I'm unsure of how to
check or fix this. I know that the NIC is recognized (somewhat) on the
network because the wireless access point used to communicate with the NIC
associates to it after the driver loads.

I'm sure it's not a hardware problem, as I had the NIC working
successfully with my own kernel/driver build under RedHat 6.1 with PCMCIA
3.0.14. I tried using a new version of PCMCIA with muLinux, but
apparently mu's is slightly modified (I keep getting file not found

I am using muLinux 7r6, downloaded approx. Jan 10, 2000.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kevin Lepak
University of Wisconsin
Center for Limnology
Spread Spectrum Data Collection Project

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