Re: [mu WIN98] Win98 Installation

From: Clive Wright (
Date: Thu Jan 20 2000 - 21:50:01 CET

Michele Andreoli wrote:
> I do not copied the file firstly, because WIN98 noticed the absence
> and recreate it (reading from the /dev/null device, I think).
> Then, I also copied the file. System block to windows logo.
> The only solution is to extract the original win.ini and system.ini,m
> etc., from some .cab file (....)

Currently I have no access to win98 but I think that it is similar to
On win95 I deleted win.ini and system.ini. At boot it gave a text
message that system.ini was corrupt <pause>. Pressed return and the os
told me it was safe to switch off my computer.

With a minimal system.ini:


it booted correctly to a vga16 screen with no mouse support and USA
Using the keyboard I was able to select the control panel and correct
all the other settings. The os recreated win.ini and added extra
information to system.ini however some 16 bit applications that had
previously run correctly now gave general protection faults.

Unlike windows 3.1 & 3.11 where text files win.ini and system.ini are
key configuration files, win95 and win98 use the registry database files
system.dat and user.dat to dominate configuration issues. As these are
not ascii files, hacking them without specialised software is virtually
impossible. They can be modified with regedit but a graphical interface
is required to do this interactively. From a DOS command prompt, regedit
is limited to importing and exporting registry files.

I have copied a "complete" win98 installation from a master hard drive
to an identical partition on a larger slave hard drive, removed the
original hard drive and promoted the slave to master. In this instance
booting from a recovery disk and issueing "sys c:" was enough to
resurrect the system, but as no other changes were made there was no
mismatch between hardware and device drivers.

Anyway as the master of mu; why this flirtation with win98?

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