[mu OT] the brand-new ''Linux From Scratch HOWTO''

From: Karl-Heinz Zimmer (khz@linhelp10.de)
Date: Fri Jan 21 2000 - 10:07:11 CET


having seen several questions on this list concerning
  'How can I build my own, little Linux from scratch'
I thought the following might be interesting for some
of you:

  Linux From Scratch HOWTO
  v1.2, 9 January 2000

In his introduction Gerard Beekmans writes:

''I started this document around May 1999. I tried a few Linux
  distributions and came to the conclusion that there's wasn't
  a distribution I totally liked. Every distribution has it's
  own advantages and disadvantages, but I was never satisfied
  with what I had (although Debian comes very close to what I
  want), so I decided to explore the possibility of building
  my own Linux distribution using nothing but source code of
  programs. As I found out there's quite a bit of work involved,
  but it's also a lot of fun and you really learn a lot by doing
  it, since you need to configure every single aspect of the
  This forces you to read a lot of manuals on how to configure
  various software. It also gives you total control over your
  system (well, that's the idea). You know exactly what software
  is installed, how it is configured and where all the
  configuration files reside.''

I hope you all will continue having fun and success with Linux! :-)


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