Re: [mu TECH] mu doesn't start at my 386

From: Georg Philipp Burth (
Date: Sun Jan 23 2000 - 18:52:00 CET

On Fri, 21 Jan 2000, Michele Andreoli wrote:

> > /etc/rc.lowmem: cannot fork
> "Cannot fork" is what happens if memory is low. Sorry. Cannot run on
> your machine. Old releases of mu was less RAM demanding. In recent releases,
> I never test MU on 386/4M

Which versions are known to work on a 386/4M? I'll perhaps install an old
version if your suggestion below doesn't work.

> >
> > the messages before the menue comes say something about 3031040 byte free,
> > 386 SX/DX and GenuineIntel - (btw: the latter I can't believe...).
> >
> You have only 3M free :-(
I meant the GenuineIntel with an CPU I know is from AMD...

> If your muLinux run in another PC, I suggest you to clone in UMSDOS.
> Then, from DOS, pack the c:\linux directory with PKZIP; use multi-floppy
> feature of pkzip and transport the floppy disks on the destination
> machine.
> A this point, edit loadling.cfg and change the reference to partition.
Luckily I left a part of the old DOS-partition on the harddisks. Copying
disks to HD while having booted from Disk isn't that funny if
I remember correctly.

Thanks for the fast answer, I'll probably try the next days...


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