Re: [mu TECH] How identify the startup hard-disk

From: winsor (
Date: Tue Jan 25 2000 - 23:47:09 CET


fdisk -l would show the partition table under DOS etc.....I'll have to
give the idea of checking for available free disk space some thought.
Although I'm sure a simple batch file could be concocted to show the
results. and the Dos to linux translations ie: C: = /dev/hda1 etc could
be echoed on the users screen allowing a choice to be made.


Michele Andreoli wrote:
> A strange question that i wish to discuss with you, my friend.
> As you see, when dos user install muLinux, muLinux ask the user
> for "what is the hard-disk partition you keep my images?"
> I think, this is a kind of surprising question for the user, because
> it surely believe this should be well known to installer program.
> My question is: how to inform loadlin about startup partition?
> We can put other dos command in "install.bat" and, I think, using
> DOS pipe and redirection, this is not possible.
> For example: install.bat segment:
> [ snip ]
> dir >> loadlin.cfg
> ....
> loadling @loadling.cfg
> [ snip]
> The DOS dir command put a the bottom of loadlin.cfg something like
> the unused size of the startup hardisk.
> When muLinux boot, it can check the UNUSED size of ALL hard-disks
> and guest the good one. Using also the "cd" of "pwd" command in
> the DOS and appending result in loadlin.cfg, you can tell the
> kernel about the directory where user stored the images.
> I need a dos command which use pipe and produce something like
> a boot prompt parameter unused=....
> dir | the_program >> loadlin.cfg
> We know there is also a grep.exe for DOS, but a original C program
> is better. Other command, different from "dir", can be tested,
> of course. chkdsk?
> Finally, I think this mechanism is original in Linux distributions
> and should be very interesting to implement it for muLinux, as
> a sort of ultra-rustic probing.
> Michele
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The more I use Linux, the harder Windows becomes to use. Point and click
software is too restrictive and difficult to do anything productive
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