[mu-tech] mu 4.0 and my 386 don't work togetehr

From: Georg Philipp Burth (georg-philipp.burth@student.uni-tuebingen.de)
Date: Thu Jan 27 2000 - 01:16:02 CET

Yes, I know 4.0 is a rather old version of mu but the actual ones don't
fit in my RAM, as I've written some days ago. So I've downloaded 4.0 from
sunsite.auc.dk, folder old/ and wrote it to a floppy. It boots fine.
But I have a problem while installing ...

I gave mu an extended 12bit DOS partition (slightly smaller than 10meg,
that's why dos creates a 12bit FAT) and it makes an 8 meg swap file on it.
Then, at the first setup I can make my choices for codepage (de) etc but
when it comes to the point it writes something like 'loading codepage' it
hangs. I can watch the active-hd-led and can hear that something seems to
be read/written but I can wait as long as I want, it doesn't go further
(ok, I waited only for about half an hour...). The same procedure if I
skip codepage-setup and go to mouse/lp/modem setup after printing
 'loading module lp'...

Is there a fault in version 4.0 or have I to go further backwards with the
version numbers?

My compi is an 386/40MHz 4MB RAM with a 10 and a 20meg HD (ST412/506
controller in an ISA-slot) and an 8bit-ISA hercules graphics card (text
mode is


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