Re: 386 w/ 4 megs ram

From: Brett G. Castleberry (
Date: Thu Jan 27 2000 - 06:30:47 CET

    That's right, in muLinux you are root with no password. Michele had to
leave a lot of things out to make muLinux this small, and adduser is one of
them. It was originally intended to run in RAM, and to be a portable system
on a floppy, so security would not have been an issue, nor multiple users.
But hey, Congratulations and welcome to muLinux! Is fun, no?
    Can't help you on the interface, but I'm sure someone will have an
answer for you over there in the old country, when they get out of bed.

Tallahassee, Florida
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Subject: 386 w/ 4 megs ram

> Looks like I got my ancient laptop to work! Because of the 4 megs ram
> I had to go back to mulinux 4.0, but now at least I don't have to run
> DOS/Win3.1 on the thing and it's become my PIM at work. I still have
> to boot to DOS and then use linux.bat though.
> Couple questions though...
> I log in as root because there is no utility that I've found for
> adding a user (no adduser or useradd). I can edit the password file I
> suppose, but how do I create a password when I can't find a passwd
> utility?
> Is it possible to add support for a parallel port network interface?
> Thanks,
> Greg
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