Re: [mu TECH] How identify the startup hard-disk

From: Renato (
Date: Thu Jan 27 2000 - 14:18:10 CET

In a Windows 98 second edition:

c:\> dir | c:\windows\temp\filter ==> Hangs
c:\windows\temp> dir | filter ==> unused=0

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On 26/01/00 at 23:28 Clive Wright wrote:
>The attached file will do what you ask, at least
>under dos 6.22. Please note that it is a "bare bones" aka
>"rustic" programme so it may not behave correctly if used in
>a different context.
>I cannot check it using earlier version of dos as I have no
>access to them.
>This is why I have have posted to the group instead of
>directly to michele so that if anyone is using an exotic
>version of dos they can try the filter with it and let
>michele know the result.

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