Re: [mu SETUP] LAN Configuration

From: Mardon Erbland (
Date: Fri Jan 28 2000 - 14:13:08 CET

> Ga-gasp! You loss the critical file /etc/inittab !!!
> Run muLinux from floppy, mount the DOS partition and
> copy the file from your ramdisk.

Thanks Michele for letting me know that the problem was serious. I have my
system working fine now. I did it diferrently, however. I have never used a
floppy on my system though so I couldn't eaisly boot from a floppy. I
downloaded mulinux and all EXTs onto my D: drive and just did a direct
UMSDOS install from there. I boot from D:\LINUX. This means that I have no
way to boot from a floppy and I could not get at the /etc/inittab file to copy it. I
wound up just doing a complete re-install. BTW, any idea how I might have
trashed /etc/inittab in the first place? I'm pretty certain that I didn't delete it
> If you use muLinux as a normali Linux, you will impact with Setup,
> in future. Setup control some /etc file, and override yours at any
> boot! Only "setup -s" can save you, if you change something.

OK. I hadn't quite understood this.

This gives me another question about my LAN though. I used setup -f
network to configure my network but there is no where in that dialogue that I
can specify the network ip for my host machine ( nor can I
identify other machine ip addresses on my network. I can get the network
working great by giving two commands at the command prompt:

  ifconfig eth0 netmask up
  route add -net netmask eth0

These comands get the network running OK but each time I reboot I have to
enter them again. I'd like this information saved with the profile. Also, I was
reluctant to edit the /etc/host file with vi given what Michele said about only
using setup. This means that I can only get to other network machines by ip
address but not by name. I would greatly appreciate advice on these
configuration probelms.

> If you start your exploration in /setup/fun...

Thanks again Michele. I've been looking through those files. I haven't yet
found the answers to my LAN configuration question there however.


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