[mu TECH] SVGA driver

From: Renato (renato@jfrj.gov.br)
Date: Fri Jan 28 2000 - 20:32:28 CET

I am trying to install Dave Houghton's svga package in mulinux 7r6.
I could only persuade bzip2 to process SVGA.tgz after renaming it to SVGA.bz2.
Maybe it would better change READ_ME.svga accordingly.
After decompressing following instructions I issued a startx and received the following message:

You must provide a "Screen" section in XF86Config for at least the following drivers: svga
Fatal server error:
No configured graphic devices

Well, I found Screen section in XF86Config.in and it seems to be correct.
What can I do now, my friend Dave?


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