From: Clive Wright (
Date: Tue Feb 08 2000 - 22:15:27 CET

        I think that your dos installation programme for mulinux
could make someone very angry. That is if they have an
important file called "\mit" which install.bat ploughs
through without warning or creating a backup. In that
situation you are likely to receive a postcard containing
much more than a timestamp (whatever that may be - do you
mean postage stamp?). Your install.bat file will also fail
if the drive containing the installation files also contains
an "\mit\" directory and will have to prompt the user for
the location of these files.
        I have attached a zip file containing a modified
install.bat which is a drop in replacement for the existing
file and should address these problems.
        Another solution would be to replace \mit with a file name
containing special characters and/or an unusual sequence of
letters eg. "\~qmu.tmp". Of course to do that would also
require the amendment of your linux scripts. Making it a
.tmp file is also likely to appease the user who with
hindsight will probably blame himself rather than you for
the loss of an important file. After all what idiot would
save important data in a .tmp file and then go on to install
        A third solution would be to employ belt and braces (to
hold ones trousers up) by using both methods eg.

@echo off
if exist \~qmu.tmp\nul goto err
if exist \~qmu.tmp goto err
cd > \~qmu.tmp
echo The location of the installation files has been saved
in: \~qmu.tmp
rem ------------------------------------------
rem Insert install.bat minus cd > \mit line here.
rem ------------------------------------------
goto end
if exist \~qmu.___\nul goto err1
if exist \~qmu.___ del \~qmu.___
move \~qmu.tmp \~qmu.___ > nul
echo The file or directory: \~qmu.tmp required by mulinux
echo already exists and has been renamed: \~qmu.___
goto start
echo The directory \~qmu.___ already exists.
echo You must rename or remove this directory before mulinux
install can continue.

I have outlined the problem and suggested some solutions. I
leave the rest to you.


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