[mu TECH] Netscape 3 config

From: Renato (renato@jfrj.gov.br)
Date: Wed Feb 09 2000 - 19:20:12 CET

On 05/02/00 at 01:44 Clive Wright wrote:

>netscape 3.01 can be obtained from:
> I should point out that it is double wrapped. If you unpack
>it at "/" the real netscape.tar.gz will be in "/tmp" and the
>"/install" directory can be safely removed.


I installed netscape and it freezes the X as soon as I can click inside its
Reading startx.log I can see something about fonts that could not be
I can see also in /root/.netscape/preferences a warning about not editing this
automatic generated configuration file.
I can not change font preferences from inside netscape either because it does
not run.
Do you have any workaround to fix this problem?


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