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> What is the easiest way to install muLinux onto a HD? I would like to
> install it to the hard disk and when I boot from the hard disk have
> run the setup script. So far I can boot from the floppies, but I am not
> clear on when I am able to clone the installation to the HD. Any help will
> be greatly appreciated! :)
> Thanks,
> Wade
> P.S.
> This is going on to a IBM ThinkPad 701C, DX4 75 MHz, and 8Meg RAM
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Hi Wade.
Cloning is very simple.
The eaysiest way is like this (hope there are no mistakes in)

>log in as root
>at the console:
>Clone will no check your drives, just wait, even if there are errors, for
>Now you have to decide where to clone: on a real Linux partition (ext2),
>as a loop file (on an Dos Partition), or in UMSDOS. I tried the loop
>For example: loop device
>Clone will no give you your partition table and then asks, where to install
>loop file (e.g. First Partition on Primary Master: /dev/hda1)
> Afterwards, it asks for the size of the file. Warning: if all addons are
>installed, the standart value is to small. I used 20 Megs.
>then Clone asks for the partition where to install the file linux.bat for
>I prefer the same partition as for the loop device.
>Then the muLinux will install itself there.
>If you want to boot now the HDD Version, boot in real DOS mode
>and execute the file linux.bat in X:\linux

Hope, this is correct,

Neo, the MATRIX modifier
(Real Name: Enno Welbers)

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