Re: how to mount rw?

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Date: Fri Feb 11 2000 - 15:48:29 CET

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> > So you have a Beta version, right? I tried 7r10b and I could use the
> > only one time. When booting the second time, the disks where damaged.
> > you found a beta bug? Try a stable release. This means not, that then it
> > works, but it could work.
> >
> > Neo
> >
> I hadn't realized it was a beta version. Anyway, I have just tried
> the one you have (mulinux-7r8) and I got the same error :-(
> Ale
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Well, this is really strange. Does RH 6.1 an "patched" version of the ext2fs
or does muLinux not support your hardware? I don't know. I am sorry that I
could not help you, but maybe out there is someone, who can. Try the RH 6.1
mount command (copy it onto a floppy, mount the floppy in muLinux, copy
mount onto the RAM disk and try the same again). I don't think that this
works, but i don't know everything. It is a little complicated, but maybe
the problem is not the kernel. If this doesn't work, then someone else
should give you an hint. Another idea: Did you modify your HD superblock
(e.g. with tune2fs)?


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