Re: how to mount rw?

From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Fri Feb 11 2000 - 17:11:29 CET

On Fri, Feb 11, 2000 at 03:29:09PM +0100, Neo nicely wrote:
> So you have a Beta version, right? I tried 7r10b and I could use the disks
> only one time. When booting the second time, the disks where damaged. Maybe
> you found a beta bug? Try a stable release. This means not, that then it
> works, but it could work.

The "mount" command is unchanged from 0.00 to 7.11 release. I use also
2.2.5 kernel and do not noticed problem mounting Linux partitions from

But I have to be honest with you: I do not know if some new machinery
had been added in ext2fs, not compatible with old. If yes, this is
very strange, and not in Linux style.

Maybe the new Linux distros use a new mkfs.ext2 that add some new
flag which prevent external mounting?

I remember, time ago, some message to me related to similar question.


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