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From: Nicholas Clark (
Date: Sat Feb 12 2000 - 18:32:57 CET

Well, in 5 MB of harddisk, you could have e-mail via pine (much better
than netscape, IMHO), you could telnet out, ftp out, and use lynx to
browse the web. The Chimera WWW browser is included with one of the X
disks, which is a browser. It's not wonderfully great though, due to the
lack of wraparound text. but one thing you won't get to work (and don't
really need anyways, if you have the capacity for text) is Netscape. wrote:
> I wanna use muLinux in a 486-Computer. It should be used to write EMails
> and surf the internet. Is there a mailprogram or a modern browser, which can
> be run using muLinux's XWindow ? Can I run Netscape3 on muLinux ? Which other
> Browser and Mailprograms are tested ?
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