Re: [ mu INSTALL ] Files bigger than Disks

From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Mon Feb 14 2000 - 15:23:41 CET

On Mon, Feb 14, 2000 at 02:33:46PM +0100, nicely wrote:
> Hi!
> At friday I got all the mulinux stuff for installation. I have a 486 without a
> CDROM. No network connection. So: How do i get all the stuff to my 486, if all
> the .tgz-files do not fit on a 3,5 " floppy?

Sol1: Build the floppis on another machine
Sol2: pkzip over a set of floppydisk

> Do I think wrong / did something wrong? Or is the software not partitioned in a
> good way?

No, no: they do not fit in 1.44 formatted floppy.

> I got it running by putting it all on about 8 floppies with a multi disk spanned
> archive - unarchiving it on the 486 (where I had WINZIP installed just for this
> purpose - and Win95 was installed before). But it was hard work . nearly half an
> hour.

Do you have only 4M?

> Isn't it possible to get the data fitting on some disks or to download images I
> could put on disks with rawrite or such?
> Martin Doering

No, rawrite.exe works only for 1.44.

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