Re: [ mu DEVEL ] What do I need to do developement

Date: Tue Feb 15 2000 - 10:54:15 CET

Michele wrote:
>You are trying to use this little system for a unsuitable scope.
>To develop and to compile with XLib you need of an hundred of missing
>mega material.
I have no space problem. My question points more in the direction on how to
develope new programs for this little system. This certainly has not to be done
on the small system itself, but I thought this would be the easiest way (as on
all Linux systems).

Maybe it would be easier to install another system with kernel 20.0.36. Because
the kernel version has to fit - I think. But wherefrom to get a CD with a whole
Linux distribution older than a year?!?

So I thought I just could install an X11 distribution, the kernel and the gcc
and this could be enough? I have 1,3 GB to fill :-)


PS: I just want to develope programs for mulinux :-(

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