Re: [mu TECH] Midnight Commander's F3 View starts slow?

From: Alfie Costa (
Date: Tue Feb 15 2000 - 14:29:12 CET

On 13 Feb 00, at 14:13, Arvid Nymoen <> wrote:

(quoting a. costa)
> > In at least one other mc version, F3 calls mcedit, with a command line
> > switch that runs it in view mode.

No no Mr. 2/13/00 Costa, you have sadly caught amnesia on this point. F3 calls
"mc -v". "mcedit" was the name of a bash shell alias you came up with a year
or two back and got used to. Aaaie!

> I have only seen Midnight Commanders using the F4 for editing.

Agreed, sorry if a misleading impression was given. F4 I now believe calls
"mc -e", and not the mysterious "mcedit".

So anyway, running "mc -v foo.txt" brings up the view window immediately
without going through the main mc menu. It still has an 8-second or so delay,
but at least this answers some of the question.

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