[muc TECH] network script

From: Martin_Doering@mn.man.de
Date: Thu Feb 17 2000 - 15:21:55 CET


I have some problems to configure my network card 3Com 3c574 with mulinux. It's
running without any configuration on a newer RedHat distr.

In the network script the line for configuring the interface

ifconfig ...

has no broadcast parameter. I added it, but without it, it was configured wrong
(we have subnetmask

Even this is right now and works - the interface is coming up - I do not get a
connect. Maybe I must choose some setting (half/full duplex or such ) I don't

It was very hard for me to tell the configuration script the network adress.
Whatfor is this needed?!? Normally it's enough to tell ifconfig the ip and
subnetmask. And it seems, that it is not used anyway.


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