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From: Unit 4 (Unit4@SPUTUM.com)
Date: Wed Feb 23 2000 - 08:40:57 CET


I just signed on and thought I'd introduce myself.

The address above is how most know me. What I usually do is at

In 3space, I'm a student, preparing for my comprehensive finals in
neuroscience. What better way to relax from that than to play with some
Linux, eh?

I had a very early version of Slackware years ago and struggled through
setting it up. I was about to get the newest version and run it for some
of my EEG analysis software, but I decided to see what else there was.

I found muLinux, read docs for 5 minutes, installed, and inside 30 minutes
was looking at afterstep. I am very impressed. THANK YOU. It was so easy.
My wife has never run anything but Windows before, but she hacked her
first .cnf file before an hour was up. muLinux reminds me of the great
days of hacking on the Apple II, where every byte counted. I've already
recommended it to several people, especially those for whom it would be
best if they started by running something on top of their Windows/DOS.

I'm hoping to see just how much I can make it do, as far as running apps
on a large environment (my xv plug in for MRI analysis is 11 MB, and the
data are typically several hundred MB).

Once comment and one suggestion:

The TLinux site at xoom seems to be down. The link on the muLinux page is

And, I think it would be very helpful if the complete installation script
could be made available as a text file prior to the install, so users
could find the pertinent info and fill in the blanks before they start.
Maybe even have some explanation of what it is being asked for, so those
users who aren't familiar with how to answer things about servers and
domains and such could get set up with minimum trouble. I'm thinking
mostly of those setting up on a machine where they've never used anything
but Windows. They talk different.

I can't say as I'll have a lot of technical expertise to offer, but what I
would be glad to offer is skills in documentation. I can write clearly for
anyone at any level. If I can help here, please let me know.

I'd offer to help in translation, but it's not likely I'd be of much use
there. I don't know any Linux users who speak Cherokee, and I certainly
don't think the docs will need to be translated to American Sign Language.
Maybe my wife could translate them into Windowspeak.......

Enjoy hacking. I am.

Dennis McClain
Virginia Tech

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