[mu SETUP] Installing addons

From: charliesheen@hot-shot.co.uk
Date: Wed Feb 23 2000 - 17:46:51 CET

Okay, take me for the idiot, I don't know how to install the add-ons once you've cloned the basic system (first floppy only with boot/root) onto the hard disk.

What do I do now to install them? (In particular disks EXT and X11)

I've booted the harddisk from the floppy using the command:

mulinux root=/dev/hda1

It tells me while booting that the addons are "UNWANTED"

Please help otherwise I'll have a useless (Windows 3.11) 386 laptop instead!


P.S I'm doing a pure linux installation, i.e. Windows is not installed.

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