[mu SETUP] Newbie in a simple problem crisis

From: charliesheen@hot-shot.co.uk
Date: Wed Feb 23 2000 - 19:55:58 CET

I've downloaded the addons onto my desktop Windows 98 machine and decompressed them to disks. (I'm not installing to this machine - I have Mandrake 7 for that ;)

I've tried installing the boot disk and the options at the same time (i.e. to RAM, then cloning when finished) but unfortuntely it is running out of memory (10 meg, + 8 meg swapfile).

This is why I'd like to install the boot disk to the hardisk and then install the addons when muLinux is running from harddisk, not RAM.

Thanks again,

Benjamin (aka Charlie Sheen)

P.S. AFA linux mini-distros go, this seems to be the best by far =)

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>>>From : Michele Andreoli <m.andreoli@tin.it>
>>To : benjamin@sofarsogood.co.uk
>>Date : 23 February 2000 16:34:58
>>Subject : Re: Newbie in simple problem crisis
>>On Wed, Feb 23, 2000 at 02:24:45PM +0000, benjamin@sofarsogood.co.uk nicely wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> I've just been trying to install your muLinux to my ancient 386sx 25mhz laptop (63 Mb harddisk, 10 Mb RAM) and I've read the faqs and still don't understand how to install other disk options (e.g. EXT, X11).
>>>> It should be noted I have cloned the basic system onto hard disk, but now want to add the EXT and X11 addons.
>>>Do you have downloaded this addons???!?
>>>Please put the addons image in the same directory c:\mulinux and
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