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Date: Thu Feb 24 2000 - 02:28:07 CET

On Wed, 23 Feb 2000 14:20:09 +0100, Michele Andreoli wrote:

}> And, I think it would be very helpful if the complete installation script
}> could be made available as a text file prior to the install, so users
}> could find the pertinent info and fill in the blanks before they start.
}You mean a kind of "kickstart" for muLinux, a big file with a list
}of x=y values? This not possible because the first segment of the first
}floppy disk is ext2fs, not DOS. Using syslinux and not LILO this should be
}possible, but syslinux do not work with superformatting, etc.

No, I mean just a text copy of the steps that the users goes through
during installation. Not a program at all. It would allow them to "fill in
the blanks" on paper so that they will have all the names and numbers they
need to put in when the installer is run. This is something they could be
given as a text file with the DOSTOOLS zipfile or put on a web site.

The installer procedure assumes you know the answers to all the questions
it will ask. (Of course you can go back later and change things.) Some
people won't know the answers and that will scare them off. They might
think if they can't answer then it won't work and the whole Linux will
fail. Others may not even understand the questions on the installer. If
they had the questions before they start, they could find out the answers
they need. If this pre-install check list explained what it was asking
for, those who did not understand would learn to.

}> Maybe even have some explanation of what it is being asked for, so those
}> users who aren't familiar with how to answer things about servers and
}> domains and such could get set up with minimum trouble. I'm thinking
}> mostly of those setting up on a machine where they've never used anything
}> but Windows. They talk different.
}It's true: muLinux installer do not explains step-by-step the meaning
}of all parameters, but what about WIN98? It pick randomly an hard-disk,
}format it and install the system in it, without asking me anything!

Windows does not explain well because they don't want people to
understand. They just want people to depend on them for thinking. This is
all the more reason why Linux should not be this way.

}> I can't say as I'll have a lot of technical expertise to offer, but what I
}> would be glad to offer is skills in documentation. I can write clearly for
}> anyone at any level. If I can help here, please let me know.
}An Installation-Guide for DOS users? A GUIDE which cover all possible
}trouble for DOS user.

The major problems, yes. In DOS language, so they can install without
feeling totally lost. Make Linux friendly to them, so they will feel

If you would tell me where to look for the list of questions that the
installer asks, I will make that part of the docs.


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